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I’m Symphony, a Reiki practitioner, who is owner and lead artisan of Lotus Flower Om which I was inspired to create in 2016 after not finding whole body products that contained natural ingredients infused with holistic properties to compliment my yoga and meditation lifestyle.  Yoga and Meditation is an ancient practice I sued to overcome ailments from stressors I encountered with work, parenting, household chores, etc. I also found that other women encountered similar stressors that are clinically known to cause ailments such as depression, anxiety, fatigue, etc.  There were not many holistic products available in the market so through my reiki practice, I personally and professionally incorporated essential oil blends as a supportive holistic modality to relieve such ailments by applying to pulse points.  This encouraged me to infuse the blends into butters/oils and incorporate in my daily self-care alongside my yoga practice.  Upon sharing this product with others to utilize in their own self-care, I received responses personally and professionally of increased energy, inner peace, better skin, etc., which inspired me to do create a product that complimented the practice of the yogi/yogini while offering a product to women like me whom desired a self-care product that not only contained natural ingredients which were safe for the skin but also provided holistic benefits that supported the mind and spirit.


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LOTUS FLOWER OM is luxe, Zen-inspired, whole body apothecary and launched in 2017. Handmade in Atlanta each product uses ethically sourced & sustainable plant based ingredients which are infused with holistic essential oil blends that are nut allergy & cruelty free. Currently we have two collections.  The Body Collection consist of a body butter, body oil, and lotion candle in 4 aromas (Bohemian Funk, Nirvana, Inner Child, & New Moon) that alleviate anxiety, insomnia, skin irritations, etc, while they moisturize and hydrate by restoring dry and/or mature skin.  Our  Wellness Collection; called Prana  launched in 2019 and consist of a Chest and Body Balm, Face and Body Balancing Mist, Muscle Gel, and Outdoor Armor.  It’s an essential oil blend of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary, and Hyssop which aid in alleviating symptoms from asthma and allergies.