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This handmade zabuton meditation pillow is a  cushion for sitting while meditating.
The zabuton is generally used when sitting on the floor and may also be used when sitting on a chair. It helps to raise the body off the ground and keep the spine straight.





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DETAILS: Material: Fabric+Cononut+Sponge Dimensions: 3 Size (Please select when place an order) 60*60*3.5cm up Cushion 45*25*(3-6)cm 70*70*3.5cm up Cushion 45*25*(3-6)cm 80*80*3.5cm up Cushion 45*25*(3-6)cm Features: 1. For Meditation or as a Yoga prop,2 piece set consisting of a deluxe zafu cushion and a deluxe zabuton mat 2. Covers for both the zafu and zabuton are removable and machine washable 3. Made from natural, eco friendly materials and filling 4. High quality and made to last 5. the zabuton can be foldable, idal for the mobile meditator 6. Free carrying bag

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