Prana – Outdoor Armor


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A plant-based insect repellent that repels mosquitoes, ticks, gnats, fleas,  for up to 6 hours. DEET Free.

Use: Reduces bug bites which can cause skin inflammation and irritation. Great during a outdoor event, camping, or in your backyard.

Directions: To repel insects, apply to exposed skin and clothing. For best results, spread evenly with hand to moisten all exposed skin.  Do not spray directly on face. To apply to face, dispense on palm of hand and spread on face and neck. Reapply once as needed. Do not apply more than twice per day.

Ingredients:  Chamomile Water, Witch Hazel, Vegetable Glycerin, Cedar wood Oil, Clove Oil, Citronella Oil, Spearmint Oil, Geranium Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Tea Tree Oil, essential oil blend (Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary, and Hyssop), Vitamin E Oil

Size: 4 oz / 120ml






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