TESTIMONIES Personal testimonies to inspire your inner zen

Erica Montgomery Mother of 4 and Foodie

I ordered the bohemian funk body butter because I have very dry skin. The creamy smooth texture and essential oil blend is what I feel in love with. I liked how easy it was to apply and the scent was very mild. The ingredients were simple and definitely what I needed as other products and the chemicals they used caused irritation. My mom and sister liked it so much that they wanted some but they weren’t using mine. lol. After receiving samples of the the other scents, they desired the lotus flower scent while I ordered the matching body oil and lotion candle to the bohemian funk. Ill definitely be re-ordering again. Thanks.

Gary Nazaire Chef on Movie Sets

The bohemian funk lotion candle is my go to at the end of a hectic week catering large numbers on film sets. Overwhelmed and stressed I set aside a spa day in which I just pamper me. What I liked about this product is that it was all natural and combined 3 uses into one. Although i forget to use it as a butter sometimes I enjoy the aroma and heated sensation of the oil after a warm bath. It definitely inspires me to find my zen in everything.


E Marley C. Yoga Intsructor

The zafu meditation cushion is wonderful! I have been meditating for several years but was always hesitant to buy a zafu because often they were expensive and I figured I could live without one. After all, the Buddha sat on the ground under a tree and achieved enlightenment so why do I need a cushion? Well, I finally broke down and ordered the zafu two peice because it was much cheaper than I have seen elsewhere and I figured it could help with maintaining my posture and would benefit my practice. The construction seems good and so far I have no issues or complaints. Once you begin using the zafu, it will take some trial and error to figure out where to sit. It seems to be a matter of height to leg ratio as well as what position you meditate in. I have bad knees so I use the Green Tara position and sit towards the front of the zafu. I find that this helps maintain proper posture and spreads the weight between my butt and my knees to avoid too much pressure and provides solid stability. My sessions have extended and I can now sit for about 45 mins without any discomfort, and even then it is only minor. Overall I highly recommend this item if you are unhappy with your current meditation seat.